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Men are the worst fuel blunderers: Chaps 50% more likely to fill up with the wrong type.

September 10, 2014 by admin No Comment

  • RAC report revealed that 61% of those filling up with wrong fuel were men
  • Mistake costs around £200 to put right – or £40m across country every year
  • Research also found that 23% of motorists have ran out of fuel at least once

Fifty per cent more men than women fill up with the wrong type of fuel, a mistake that costs around £200 to put right – or £40million across the country each year.

An RAC report revealed today that 61 per cent of the culprits were men, while just 39 per cent were women.

It also reveals that 23 per cent of motorists admit to having run out of fuel at least once, with 12 per cent having done so on a motorway.

Men were the main offenders again, with 22 per cent more male drivers than women owning up to being caught out by an empty fuel tank.

In 2013, RAC patrols were called out by more than 22,000 motorists stranded after their fuel ran out.

The RAC says men are also more likely to be repeat offenders – 6 per cent compared with 4 per cent. 

But 76 per cent of drivers claim never to have been caught out.

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