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Chris Evans left red-faced after filling up car with diesel instead of petrol

September 10, 2014 by admin No Comment

RADIO presenter Chris Evans was left feeling rather stupid when his car broke down on the way to work yesterday.

The 48-year-old star was forced to take a taxi to work today after he ‘blew up’ his car by filling it with the wrong fuel.

The Radio 2 breakfast show host broke down around 90 seconds after putting diesel in his car instead of petrol – but he knows that he only has himself to blame.

Despite being around three miles from home, Chris decided to call a mini-cab to take him the remaining 30 miles to the BBC studios in London.

“I broke down on the way to work and a brilliant mini-cab driver called Rajah got me in earlier than normal,” he explained.

“I can’t blame it on the car. I have to blame it on myself. 90 seconds earlier I went to the petrol station, petrol being the operative word.”

He continued: “It should have been petrol, but I put in diesel and then an explosion seemed to happen, huge flashes from the bonnet and huge plumes of smoke which you can still see emanating from the Heathrow direction.

“I have never done it before. Rajah is the fastest minicab driver I have ever encountered, obviously within the limits of the law. Rajah, you are a superstar.”

However, Chris isn’t the only person to have made such a mistake recently as more than 120,000 motorists fill their car with the wrong fuel each year and a number of manufacturers now having safeguards to prevent it from happening.

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