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Put The Wrong Fuel In Your Car in Oxford?

Based throughout the country, our team at Wrong Fuel Solution are fully trained in fuel drains and specialise in helping motorists get back on the road after mistakenly putting the wrong in fuel in their car.

It can happen to the best of us, whether you’re a new driver or an experienced one, it’s more common than you think – approximately one person every 3 minutes makes the same mistake so it’s nothing to be embarrassed about!

How Will I Know If I’ve Misfuelled in Oxford?

It’s quite easy to misfuel your vehicle as sometimes we get lost in our thoughts and fill our cars up without even realising what we’re putting in.

If you’ve been driving and experienced any of the following symptoms then you car may have the wrong fuel in your car:

• Loss of engine power
• Problems starting the car
• Engine cutting out, jumping or coughing
• Excessive fumes

Driving on the wrong fuel can damage your car, which is why it’s so important that you do not turn on the ignition. Petrol is a natural solvent and whereas diesel is more lubricant, so when petrol is circulated through a diesel fuel system it can cause friction between the parts that can then damage them.

The sooner the fuel is drained, the less chance there is of any future damage being caused.

What Should I Do If I’ve Put The Wrong Fuel In My Car?

To ensure no damage is caused to the car and fuel system, it’s important that you do not turn the ignition on as once the wrong fuel is circulated it can create irreparable damage.

If you’re in Oxford and have realised you’ve misfuelled you should:

• Avoid turning on the ignition or if you’ve started driving pull over and turn the ignition off
• Call Wrong Fuel Solution on 0800 040 7967 or 07866 22 22 77
• Give us your name and location (be as specific as possible)
• Tell us your car make and colour

Once we have the necessary information one of our fuel drain experts will be on their way and should be with you within 45 minutes or less, depending on traffic.

Choosing a roadside recovery service is faster, cheaper and more convenient than most garages and insurance companies. Call 0800 040 7967 or 07866 22 22 77 and get back on the road today!

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