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Put The Wrong Fuel In Your Car in Luton?

Working around the clock, our expert fuel drain specialist at Wrong Fuel Solution are here to get motorists back on the road after putting the wrong fuel in their car.

Many people make this mistake, with 1 person every 3 minutes putting the wrong fuel in their vehicle. It’s an easy mistake to make, as both nozzles will fit in the fuel tank and many people may get the colours mixed up.

Replacing fuel lines is a thing of the past. Thanks to advances in fuel drain technology, our mobile fuel specialists can remove every trace of fuel in your vehicle using the latest equipment.

Our team work nationwide and also have a team located in Luton, allowing us to rescue those stuck in Luton town centre, Dunstable, Bury Park, Marsh Farm and surrounding areas. Our team aim to get you back on the road within an hour of contacting us.

How Will I Know If I’ve Put The Wrong Fuel In My Car in Luton?

If you’ve turned the ignition on and have attempted to drive and experienced any of the following symptoms then you may have used the wrong fuel:

• Smoke coming out of your exhaust
• Issues turning the engine on
• Stalling

However, if you’re still parked and have yet to turn the ignition on you can check your receipt which will clearly state with fuel was used

What Should I Do If I’ve Put The Wrong Fuel In My Car?

In order to prevent future damage to the internal parts of your fuel line, it’s important that you do not turn on the ignition.

Petrol is a natural solvent and can cause the internal parts to corrode and cause friction, damaging other parts when the iginition is turned on.
If you’ve misfuelled, getting back on the road is quick and easy – simply:

• Call Wrong Fuel Solution on 07866222277
• Provide us with your location
• Tell us your car registration

Call Wrong Fuel Solution on either 0800 040 7967 or 07866222277 and get back on the road today!

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