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Put Petrol in A Diesel Car or Diesel in A Petrol Car in Poole?

If you’re in Poole and think you might have put the wrong fuel in your vehicle then worry not. Wrong Fuel Solution are an expert team located in Poole and throughout the UK specialising in mobile fuel drains.

The benefit of mobile fuel drains means you can get back on the road quickly and easily without trying to get your vehicle to a garage or contacting your insurance company.

All of our fuel drain experts are equipped with the latest technology, ensuring your car is completely flushed out of the wrong fuel and prevents the risk of future damage.

24 Hour Fuel Drain Throughout Poole

We can drain fuel from any vehicle whether that’s a car, van or a motorcycle. Our fuel drain team can reach you within 35 minutes, depending on the traffic and your location. We cover all of Poole including Sandbanks, Ferndown, Hamworthy, Corfe Mullen, Parkstone, Branksme and surrounding areas.

If you think you might have put the wrong fuel in your vehicle then there are a few signs to keep an eye out for, including:

• Loss of engine power
• Engine cutting out, jumping or coughing
• Problems starting your car
• Excessive fumes

Another way to find out which fuel you used is by checking your receipt as this will state clearly what fuel you were charged for.

What Should I Do If I’ve Put The Wrong Fuel In My Car?

If you think you’ve put the wrong fuel in your vehicle then it’s important that you do not turn the ignition on, as this can damage the vehicle’s fuel system.

If you’re in Poole, pull over and turn off the ignition and do the following:

• Call us on 07866222277
• Provide us with your name and exact location, or the garage you’re currently in
• Tell us your car make and colour
• Which fuel you think you have used

Working 24 hours a day 7 days a week means we can get you back on the road no matter what time of the day. Call Wrong Fuel Solutions on 07866222277 and get back on the road today!

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